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Why Should I Buy an Empire Pro-Finish® Blast Cabinet?

Why Should I Buy an Empire Pro-Finish® Blast Cabinet?Many finishing operations often involve cleaning with chemicals, acid etching or dipping, liquid honing, wire brushing, sanding, deburring, grinding or peening, your best bet for optimal results is an Empire Pro-Finish blast cabinet.

Pro-Finishing blast cabinets carry one of the best warranties in the industry (hard to come by in a blasting cabinet that gets hard usage), and they eliminate environmental problems often associated with harsh chemical finishing. They’re designed for production blasting and enable you to perform numerous tasks, including blending surface flaws and removing foreign matter, such as carbon from pistons, all without affecting tolerances. This is because you can vary air pressure and blast media, giving you flexibility to move between different finishing needs with relative ease.

Pro-Finish blast cabinets come with a pretty extensive range of standard options, including a blower that’s located on the clean side of the cabinet, a self-adjusting door latch, rigid double-panel doors, easily accessible pneumatic controls, and a large safety-glass window. In addition to the standard options, there are numerous factory options as well:

  • Additional guns can be used with oscillation units and powered turntables to automate the system. Pro-Finish systems can be upgraded to a total of four suction guns or two pressure nozzles.
  • Rotating basket with timer controls speeds processing of smaller parts.
  • Fixed-gun holder with movable arm frees both of the operator’s hands for parts blasting.
  • Extended-wear options prolong equipment life while minimizing maintenance and downtime. Options offered include: rubber curtains in black or white- for improved, long-lasting visibility; window protectors; heavy-duty, media-transport duct; and DiCarb® or boron nozzles. Reclaimers can be upgraded with replaceable wearplates and urethane or Ultrawear linings.
  • Automatic bag shaker frees the operator for other tasks with bag-house dust collectors.
  • Fully automatic photohelic controls purge dust from cartridge-type collectors without operator assistance.
  • Rubber safety mats, placed around Pro-Finish cabinets, keep the immediate work area clean and reduce operator fatigue.

If you deal with difficult finishing operations and have not yet seen an Empire Pro-Finish blast cabinet, you should. Give us a call so we can help you decide what cabinet is best for you.

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