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Cost and Environmental Savings through In-house Solvent Recycling

In an age of environmental consciousness, and growing regulation, taking care of excess solvents is good for business, and the environment. EPA regulations state that if hazardous wastes, like excess solvents, contaminate the environment, during transport to a disposal site, you must pay for the cleanup. Paying for a hazardous waste cleanup could be detrimental to your business. Your company is responsible for the “waste” from the time it is used, or generated, to the time it is disposed of. Under EPA law neither the disposal facility, nor the hauler of the waste, are responsible if things go awry.

So, how do you easily take care excess solvents so you don’t contaminate the environment, and at the same time save money through reduced costs? By recycling. Using a solvent recycler can make your company environmentally conscious, regulatory compliant, and cost effective.

What is a solvent recycler? It is a machine that removes, or separates, contaminates from the original solvent, and leaves behind a clean solvent ready for reuse. The contaminates are left in easily transportable and recyclable, solid, form, ready for transport and easy disposal.

Solvent recyclers are not inexpensive. The smallest recyclers can cost several thousand dollars. Even with the high costs they can pay for themselves in short time by eliminating the costs associated with waste disposal. There is nearly always a positive return on your investment.

Society is calling for every company to be more concerned about protecting the environment. Don’t find yourself in regulatory trouble. If your company uses solvents on a continuous basis then you’re a candidate for a solvent recycler.

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