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Is Paint System Automation a Good Investment?

Integration System Layout - Advanced Finishing Systems, Portland, ORIf you own and operate a commercial painting company you’ve undoubtedly heard about – and perhaps seen in action – robotic automation. It may seem like an out-of-reach, futuristic solution to create a closed-loop process from the paint kitchen to the applicator, but with Graco’s innovation in automation, it’s closer to becoming a present-day reality. Here are five reasons Graco says you should say YES to automation:

1. Cost – Automation may not be as expensive as you think and certainly this investment becomes more affordable each year as technology advances. And with the additional benefits you’re about to read below, you’ll see how automation might be quite affordable after all.

2. Quality – Robotic automation creates a consist brush stroke and spraying motion consistently, resulting in a quality finish that simply cannot be matched manually. This consistency means less wasted material, which also saves money.

3. Reduced Waste – Graco believes that automation can reduce material consumption by up to 30 percent, which is substantial. And when you add a plural component proportioner and electrostatic spray guns into the mix, you’ll create an automated system that delivers more for less!

4. Flexibility – Robotic automation means you can make adjustments on the fly, which saves you time on change-overs. You can change materials and colors more frequently as well, which simplifies your production planning.

5. Workforce – Robotic automation reduces overhead significantly while working longer hours (without complaint). That said, automation also allows you to remove human labor from boring and mundane tasks, while also eliminating the risk of injuries from dangerous tasks. A win-win for both owners and laborers.

Over time, automation can certainly pay for that initial investment, meaning it might be more affordable that you may think. If you have questions on whether or not robotic automation may be right for your needs, contact us today! We can help you make sense of all the latest and greatest technologies for the job.

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