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Should You Use Two Guns with One Spray Foam System?

Whatever your polyurea or foam coating application need, there’s a Graco Proportioning System that can fit the job; from entry-level needs to professional contractor requirements. One of the nice things about Graco, is the ease at which you can build a complete system in just a few steps. In fact, here’s how in just 5 steps, you can have a comprehensive system ready to go:

  1. Select a proportioner– You can choose air, electric, or hydraulic operated models.
  2. Select heated hoses– You can choose from pressure ratings of 2000 psi or 3500 psi depending on your application need.
  3. Select a heated whip hose– Again you can choose from 2000 or 3500 psi depending on your need, though you should be consistent with your psi in steps 2 and 3.
  4. Select a spray gun– Choose an air-purge, mechanical-purge or liquid-purge spray gun with a round or flat pattern.
  5. Select your supply processing equipment– You’ll want a supply pump, which can be diaphragm or piston pump for standard materials in a drum-mount or wall-mount configuration. If you’re using materials with higher viscosities, you’ll want a 2:1 piston pump. You’ll also need an agitator kit to agitate your resin for a smooth, consistent coating.

Graco Plural-Component Proportioning Systems and spray guns are some of the most rugged, reliable and easy-to-maintain in the industry. They provide some fantastic benefits to contractors that make them a popular choice.

Foam coating and insulation is also a great improvement for the home or business owner. It lasts longer and provides better insulation against cold and heat. For the contractor, it’s quicker and easier to install. Many contractors, however, think using two guns with one proportioner is faster and more efficient, and while on paper this might be true, the end results can easily be compromised.

In this Graco video, you’ll see why it’s always best, and highly recommended, to use just one gun for each proportioner when applying foam or polyurea:

If you have questions on which plural-component system or spray gun is right for you, or how to get the most out of your Graco Proportioning System, we’re here to help.

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