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Richards-Wilcox Zig-Zag Enclosed Track Mono-Rail Conveyor

Features-Eleven Standard Components
• Straight Track, 3/16″ thick, the heaviest in the industry, stocked in 10′ lengths
• Welding Fixtures
• Horizontal Curves, 3/16″ thick, 90′ flame hardened
• Top Vertical Curves, 3/16″ thick, 90 degree, flame hardened

Power & Free

Powerful and Flexible Conveyor Systems
Power & Free conveyors combine power and free flexibility with a heavy duty over and under configuration. Utilizing the time proven effectiveness of monorail, power conveyors and the durability of two 3″ toe-to-toe load channels, OveR-Way is the ideal high-capacity solution for transporting and storing work in process.

Push/Pull Manual Systems

A push/pull conveyor system is a manual push conveyor system ideal for those batch applications that require flexibility, reliability, and minimal floor space.

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