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Graco Pro XP 85-AA Electrostactic Gun

Our improved tip line delivers a high quality finish for a variety of applications. Plus, the pre-orifice tips atomize paints for fine finish applications. The Graco Pro Xp85 Air-Assist gun line includes Standard and Smart models.

Graco Triton Pump And Pro XP Spray Packages

Graco Air spray packages combine a Pro Xp Air Spray gun with our Triton
Air-operated diaphragm pump to deliver high quality finishes.

Merkur Pump And Pro XP Electrostatic Packages

Airless and air-assisted fine finish pump packages to improve productivity, reduce costs & lower emissions

Nordson Trilogy Electrostatic Gun

Nordson Trilogy spray systems are designed with coating versatility in mind. Featuring two atomization technologies – air spray and high volume, low pressure (HVLP) – Trilogy systems deliver superior application performance with a variety of substrates, coatings and part profiles.


The 40 kV Booster gun gives you the transfer efficiency of a 60 kV gun, in a smaller, more compact size. The longer fluid tube on the High Conductivity (HC) lets you spray lower resistivity material. Pro Xp40 Air Spray electrostatic gun line is available in Standard, High Conductivity and kV Booster models.

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