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Air Technologies PR Media Aid

A poly media, the ATI PR-Media is used as a pre-filter, catching larger particles before they hit your main filters to help save money by decreasing your main filter change-outs. Air Flow 150 FMG; Initial Static .03″ W.G. Average Paint Spray Removal Efficiency 92.4%.

Air Technologies Ultra Media

White & purple for easy identification in a busy finishing area, the ATI Ultra Media filters offer a 99.76% paint spray removal efficiency. A top-selling poly paint booth filter, the Ultra Media is available in several sizes including pads, panels, links, blankets and 2- or 3-pocket bags.

Binks Andrea Filters

The Binks AF filter is an accordian-style pleated filter that captures overspray efficiently. It last three to five time longer than ordinary dry filters. Helps reduce operating cost, is user-friendly, and is compatable with most coatings. Size: 3′ x 30′, packaged accordian-style in an easy-to-ship box.

Binks Receptor Filters

Environmentally friendly paint filter, the green capture layer is made from 100% recycled  soda bottles, features 98.67% arrestance efficiency means almost all overspray is captured. Substantially cuts particulate emissions and reduces spontaneous ignition risk, and meets UL900, Class II standards for flammability.

Research Products 3000 & 3100 Series Paint Arrestors

Made of Slit and Expanded Kraft Paper, the 3000 series “standard” offers depth-loading for longer service life and is biodegradeable. Efficiency is 96.5 to 97.5% on High Solids Bake Enamels. Available in pads and blankets. Please call AFS for details.

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