Knowledge and Experience Make the Difference.


In today’s marketplace, resources are always limited, contracts are hard to come by and floor space is at a premium. That makes versatility a prime consideration when buying any equipment. We offer a wide selection of sizes and variety of batch ovens: natural gas, propane, or electric operation

Burn Off Ovens

Fast, Cost-Effective and Polluting-Free

Heat cleaning is the proven solution for the painting industry. It limits labor costs, minimizes environmental impact and maximizes profit potential.

Conveyorized Oven

All of our ovens move higher volumes of air for rapid heat transfer to the product with minimal stratification due to our “Bottom Up” air flow design.

Custom Drying Enclosure

Our custom drying enclosures are perfect for the drying of wood and metal parts of all shapes and sizes.

We can supply any size of enclosure to meet your production needs.

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