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Global Finishing Solutions – Multi-Stage, Pre-Treatment Systems, & Parts Washers

It’s the most dramatic advancement in pre-treatment washer design in years. Our polypropylene washer housing and heating system from GAT produces 25% to 40% reduction in energy use as compared to steel washer housing design.

Batch Parts Washer

A batch washer from Advanced Finishing Systems offers the end-user an alternative to an inline conveyorized washer. A batch washer allows you to clean, phosphate and rnse inside the same cabinet. Another great reason for a batch washer is to save valuable floor space. Batch washers can be desgined to accommodate all shapes and sizes of parts, making it very flexible for today’s manufacture- and job-shops. EAch washer is custom-built to the end-user’s specifications.

Manual Wash Systems and Enclosures

Manual wash/spray enclosures by Advanced Finishing Systems offer a great alternative to pre-treating any aluminum or steel substrate by means of a high-pressure spray wash system. We can effectively clean, phosphate and rinse various sizes of parts by doing it in a controlled, well-lit, and ventilated environment. Each enclosure is custom-designed to the specifications set for by our customers.

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