Knowledge and Experience Make the Difference.

Fusion AP Gun

With long-life mix chamber and durable side seals, Fusion guns are designed to reduce maintenance and downtime, and provide a better mix.

Fusion MP Gun

Whether you’re spraying polyurea coatings or spray foam insulation, the Fusion MP Gun handles it all. Its rugged design provides excellent mix and material properties – giving you great results at the jobsite.

Powerblanket Drum Heaters

Our patented GreenHeat Technology is utilized in every Powerblanket® branded product we manufacture, providing the most energy efficient method of distributing heat throughout the entire blanket surface. When it comes to heating, thawing, curing, insulating, or protecting your temperature sensitive materials … you can count on Powerblanket products and GreenHeat Technology for the solution.

Reactor E-XP1 and E-XP2

Graco Reactor E-XP1 and E-XP2 proportioners are engineered to process and spray polyurea and other coatings that require high pressures. The hybrid heaters and heated hose condition the materials to the right viscosity prior to mixing. Quick knockdown lower pumps for easy maintenance, easy-to-use controls, and rugged, portable design make the Reactor the preferred choice for coatings applications.

Reactor H-XP2 and H-XP3

Designed for applying polyurea and other coatings that require high pressures, the Reactor H-XP2 and H-XP3 provide superior power and performance for high-output applications. Hybrid heaters heat material quickly and maintain temperature set points, even when you’re spraying at maximum flow rates.

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