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Batch Parts Washer

A batch parts washer from Global Finishing Solutions offer the end-user an alternative to an inline conveyorized washer. A batch parts washer allows you to clean, phosphate and rinse inside the same cabinet. Another great reason for choosing a batch washer is to save valuable floor space. Batch washers can be designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes of parts, making it very flexible for today’s manufacture- and job-shops. Each parts washer is custom-built to the end-user’s specifications.

Features Include:

  • Stainless- or carbon-steel construction
  • Multistage operation
  • Natural gas or electric burners
  • Vertical-mount centrifugal pumps
  • All washers can accommodate various types of conveyor systems
  • UL-listed control panels
  • SCH 80 PVC & CPVC
  • Quick disconnect risers and spray nozzles
  • Centrifugal vent fans for extended bearing life
  • Waste-water systems available


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