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Binks Flame-a-guard Fire Retardant Floor Paper

Binks Flame-a-Guard Fire Retardant Floor Paper

According to OSHA regulations, ‘The floor surface of a spray booth and operator’s working area, if combustible, shall be covered with noncombustible material of such character as to facilitate the safe cleaning and removal of residues.’

Binks Flame-a-Guard fire retardant floor paper helps keep you in compliance with OSHA while delivering increased plant efficiency and lower clean-up and shutdown costs. It provides quick, economical compliance with OSHA requirements. (OSHA REG. NO. 1910.107(b)(3) “Floors.”)

Some features include:

  • White color increases visibility
  • 80-pound weight for durability
  • Available in 300′ long 36″, 42″, 60″ and 72″ wide rolls
  • Reduces paint tracking from location to location
  • Reduces fire hazard
  • Lint free

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