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Binks Millennium 3000 Half Face Respirator

The Binks Millenium 3000 Paint Respirator

The Millennium 3000 Respirator, with its standard configuration, protects against organic vapors and oil-bearing particulate and mists. Representing the finest in traditional respirators, it provides the fit, comfort, durability and protection of a conventional half-mask respirator. The Millennium 3000 features the finest quality face-piece for outstanding comfort and durability. This soft and comfortable silicone face-piece stands up to repeated cleanings and exposure to paints and solvents without deterioration.

The Binks Millenium 3000 respirator meets all contractor needs by removing paint particles from the air to provide a safe environment for contractor personnel. Millenium paint respirators are not to be used with urethane paints or other paints containing di-isocyanates. Painters using di-isocyanates must use air supplied respirator.

AFS stocks small, medium and large sizes as well as the full assortment of replacement cartridges and pre-filters.

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