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Binks Pogo Transfer Pump

Binks Pogo Plus series, two-ball, double acting piston transfer pumps are designed for the application and transfer of low-medium viscosity fluids. All models are available in Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel. Both the 55 gallon and stubby version of each pump are offered with either Teflon™ or UHMWPE dynamic seals. This affords the user a selection that will be compatible with a wide variety of materials which includes water or solvent borne paints and adhesives and with most solvents. The two-ball design provides better priming of the foot-valve. Double acting pumps will deliver material on both the up and down stroke.

  • Ideal for wood cabinets, countertops, furniture upholstery, truck and bus, laminates used for adhesives application
  • HVAC use for applying adhesive inside ducts
  • Marine boat, tub and shower use for fluid transfer
  • Foam insulation use for solvent supply for 2K equipment
  • General industry use for single gun paint supply
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