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Binks Trophy HVLP Spray Gun

Binks Trophy HVLP spray guns are designed to provide the utility and versatility you need to handle your coating needs from start to finish. From wood to metals to ceramics and more, Binks Trophy HVLP guns are lighter and easier to handle over longer periods of time, so operators can spray longer with less fatigue and injury. At the end of the day, this means greater productivity and healthier bottom line without sacrificing performance.

  • Lightweight – One of the lightest paint spray guns in the industry
  • Designed to the hand – Trophy HVLP guns were tested with numerous grips and hands, resulting in exceptional form, function, and ease of use
  • Trigger pull – the easy trigger pull action is created by the unique, built-in stabilization features
  • No kick air valve – helps deliver the smoothest trigger pull on the market with virtually no recoil from triggering
  • Knobs and air cap rings – designed so it’s nearly effortless to dial in on your settings or remove parts for maintenance or substitution
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