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Burn Off Ovens

Global Finishing Solutions Burn Off Ovens

Heat cleaning is the proven solution for the painting industry. It limits labor costs, minimizes environmental impact and maximizes profit potential. Global Finishing Solutions is a leader in heat transfer technology and manufactures a variety of Batch Burn-Off ovens to suit any manufacturers’ needs.

Some features include:

Welded Construction:

Outside walls are made from 12 and 14-gauge steel, reinforced and lined with insulation material pressed into welded studs and retained with heavy-duty expanded panels.

Total Insulation:

Oven is insulated with 1200ºF rated mineral fiber blanket 4″ thick on sidewalls and roof. Oven floor is a 2300 ºF poured castable refractory, providing a hard durable surface for cleaning and service.

Control Panel:

NEMA-12 rated control panel, complete with door hardware. Mounted inside the cabinet on a removable panel insert will be a 15 amp circuit breaker, control relays, interlocks, timer and terminal strips. Mounted on the control panel door will be pushbuttons, indicating lights, programmable controller/timer, and afterburner temperature read-out. The control panel is factory pre-wired.

Explosion Relief:

Allows excess pressure on the inside of oven to equalize with outside pressures without danger to equipment, operators, or facilities. Hinged explosion relief panels are designed into the roof of the oven that allows adequate pressure relief by swinging open and then closing immediately by gravity.

Cart, Built-In:

Furnished with a heavy-duty 4” structural steel cart that rolls outside the furnace on removable tracks, GFS batch ovens are designed for ease of loading and unloading. An over structure can be added to the cart for Purchaser’s convenience of loading hooks, racks, fixtures or parts. Always allow a minimum of 6” clearance around the load to be stripped. Cart Size 48” W, 72” D.

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