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Graco PR70 Compact Benchtop Meter, Mix and Dispense System

Graco PR70 Compact Benchtop Meter, Mix and Dispense Systems

The Graco PR70 fixed and variable ratio systems accurately meter, mix and dispense medium-to-low viscosity materials for potting, gasketing, sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling. All the features you need, in a compact, modular design.

The Graco PR70: Two-component dispensing at an affordable price
The Graco PR70v:
Variable ratio dispensing for two-component materials

Features to consider:

  • Reliability and durability to maximize system performance
  • Quick system training and lower mean time to repairs
  • Performance and accuracy to handle the toughest materials
  • Graco Control Architecture modules, with built-in diagnostics, allow for quick troubleshooting
  • Redesigned shaft seals lead to longer seal life

PR70 Fixed Ratio option:

  • Medium to low viscosity materials
  • Exceptional performance with materials form 1:1 to 12:1
  • MD2 valve high pressure accuracy with multiple seat styles and adjustable snuff-back for clean, precise dispensing
  • Proven ratio accuracy. Multiple tube sizes to pinpoint specific target ratios and deliver ratio accuracy to +/- 1%

PR70v Variable Ratio option:

  • Handles a wide range of material formulations
  • Material ratios from 1:1 to 24:1
  • Proven ratio accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Versatile – ideal for applications using up to 70 cc shot sizes
  • Multiple levels of user interface to best support your application


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