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Custom Drying Enclosure

Customized Drying Enclosures

We can supply any custom sized drying enclosure to meet your production needs for drying wood and metal parts of all shapes and sizes.

Some standard features include:

  • Structural Modular Steel Framing
  • 18 gauges steel panels (insulated panels optional)
  • Control Panel (NEMA 12)
  • Temperature Safeguards (FM/IRI)
  • Combustion Safeguards (FM/IRI)
  • Gas Train (FM/IRI)
  • Ignition System
  • Burner
  • Burner Box
  • Up to 140 degree temperatures
  • 80/20 Re-circulation Heat Systems

The air replacement units in our custom drying enclosures are designed to discharge 120-140 degree F air into the enclosure. They are equipped with a damper system that allows 80% heated re-circulated air to be pulled back into the air replacement unit and then discharged into the enclosure. The ability to re-circulate the heated air rather than heating ambient air will provide a great energy cost savings during the drying mode. These systems also provide an auto-balance system with variable frequency drive included to automatically adjust the airflow of the exhaust fan(s) to ensure proper air balance in the enclosure.

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