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Global Powder Booth

Cartridge System / Powder Collection Booths

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) cartridge system/powder collection spray booths are typically used in batch and low to medium production applications. This booth features a cartridge filtration system using GFS’ designed and manufactured PC-100 module.

PC-100 – Collector Module

The PC-100 module re-circulates clean, filtered air into the powder spray booth. The deluxe control panel features a Photohelic pressure gauge that monitors pressure drop and initiates the high-velocity pulse of air that is automatically injected into each filter sequentially. This means that you change filters less often.

Features include:

  • Powder Collection Booth
  • White pre-coated galvanized steel panels
  • Energy efficient inside access light fixture(s)
  • Collector Module features high efficiency cartridge filters and air solenoid for filter maintenance
  • Standard differential pressure gauge with a safety interlock for automatic shut down when air pressure exceeds its normal operating range

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