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Graco G15 and G40 Gun

The Graco G15 paint spray gun is a 1500psi for low-pressure applications. The Graco G40 paint spray gun is a 4000psi model for high-pressure applications. The G40 gun is available to hold flat tips or Revers-A-Clean tips, allowing for quick tip cleaning, lightweight gun design to reduce operator fatigue. Graco G15/G40 spray guns are loaded with fantastic features and benefits, including:

  • AAF tip line is designed for soft spray and improved transfer efficiency
  • Longer-lasting needle packing – even with abrasive materials
  • More robust aircap retaining ring threads
  • All tips have a ring to retain the tip in the aircap
  • Easier removal of the integrated gun fluid filter – no threads or tools needed
  • G15 aircap indexing offers increased durability

Automatic guns are also available. Contact us for details.

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