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Merkur ES Package

The Merkur ES is one of the most efficient Air Assisted Airless (AAA) sprayers designed to use less material than the competition and to reduce air usage and pulsation. Some of the great features and benefits include:

  • Quick flush system that requires less than 1 minute to flush
  • 45% less material to fill the system than the leading competitors, saving material cost
  • 2 to 10 years of proven reliability on key system components, for better durability that lasts
  • Delivers a superior, consistent spray finish, resulting in superior finish and quality
  • Low profile spray package makes it easy to transport, saving time
  • Easily set and monitor air control, plus an integrated carrying handle for transport
  • Air motor provides consistent finishes with smooth, rapid changeover
  • Suction hose and strainer leaves less material in the supply container and more on the surface you’re spraying
  • Lightweight, flexible 1/8 in fluid hose reduces material and solvent usage, saving material cost
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