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Mirka Abrasives

Mirka Abrasives

Over the past thirty years, Mirka has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of coated abrasives for the Automotive Refinishing Trade. At the same time it has seen a dramatic rise in the sale of abrasives for the industrial surface finishing of wood, metal and composite components.

Today we carry a wide product range for individual operations and complete sanding systems for specialized applications. This also includes various sanding accessories.

Mirka has strived for continuous improvements, systematic investments in quality, cost awareness, careful planning, the ability to take action and openness to unique solutions. The innovative nature of their products is well-known and widely recognized. Their products Abranet® and Abralon® have been rewarded with numerous prestigious awards within several industries.

Their operations are certified to the ISO 9001 Quality System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Mirka is also one of the first companies in Finland to have the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate, OHSAS 18001.

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