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Nordson Horizon Booth

Nordson Horizon powder coating booths provide efficient, flexible and clean coating operations for both automatic and manual powder coating applications. Using a unique “down-draft” design, and Nordson pioneered cartridge-filter technology, Horizon powder booths provide high material utilization and fast color-change capability in a space-efficient, economical system.

  • Proven cartridge-filter technology provides improved operating efficiency and long life
  • “Pre-shipment” assembly facilitates installation
  • Strong, high-performance polypropylene canopy reduces powder attraction for easy cleaning and better efficiency
  • Removable filter/collector module speeds color change
  • Zero make-up air requirements

Whether you coat large or small parts using automatic and/or manual guns, Horizon powder coating booths are designed to meet your specific application requirements, and are available in sizes ranging from 2,000 to 5,500 cfm.

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