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Nordson Trilogy AAA Gun

The Nordson Trilogy Air Assisted Airless paint spray gun combines excellent finish quality and ease-of-use for a variety of liquid coating applications. Incorporating innovative injector technology, the Trilogy AAA spray gun provides excellent atomization and is available with an extensive range of nozzles. In addition, the Trilogy AAA paint spray gun is equipped with a separate round and flat spray pattern adjustment knob, providing a superior level of versatility in spray options.

Designed for easy operation, the Nordson Trilogy AAA spray gun uses exceptionally low trigger force to reduce arm fatigue, making the operator’s job easier. Its lightweight design and balanced center of gravity further enhance ergonomic handling and comfort. In addition, the gun incorporates an externally adjustable packing cartridge and complete paint needle removal from the rear of the spray gun for easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • Innovative injector technology – produces fine atomization and excellent part finish
  • Spray pattern adjustment knob – for a superior level of spray versatility
  • Externally adjustable packing cartridge and rear paint needle removal – provide easy maintenance
  • Exceptionally low trigger force – reduces operator fatigue
  • Lightweight, balanced design – enhances handling and comfort
  • Extensive nozzle/filter options – for application versatility
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