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Prodigy Automatic Powder Gun

Nordson Prodigy® II Automatic Powder Coating Gun

The Nordson Prodigy II automatic powder coating gun uses HDLV technology, which focuses on dense-phase powder transport and application of powder materials. Providing a softer spray at the gun tip, HDLV technology moves more powder with less air for reduced material consumption and even higher transfer efficiencies.

The Nordson Prodigy HDLV gun, pump and controller offer an integrated solution for precision dispensing and sophisticated color-change control. The state-of-the-art in HDLV technology, the Prodigy system provides automatic purging of guns and pumps, reducing downtime and labor costs. In addition, this easy-to-use system ensures contamination-free, ultra-fast color change for improved productivity.

  • Designed for use with dense phase HDLV powder delivery technology
  • Contoured gun body and smaller cross section means less powder buildup on the gun
  • Innovative HDLV nozzle technology for precision dispensing
  • Straight-through powder path for less wear and easier maintenance

The Prodigy automatic powder gun is available in two different lengths to accommodate varying application requirements. The longer tube style powder coating spray gun covers most application needs and can be easily mounted to oscillators, reciprocators and gun stands. Also available is the shorter bar mount powder coating gun that can be positioned at virtually any angle and can be used for both top and bottom coating.


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