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RatioCheck Precision Monitoring System

RatioCheck Precision Monitoring System
Because the cost of failure is too high!

The RatioCheck Precision Monitoring System ensures that the correct ratio of components is being used, saving you time and material costs, reducing errors, and helping produce a superior finish. Paint pump monitoring can be critical because the cost of failure is often too high!


  • Shuts down pumps when it detects an off-ratio scenario, sounding an alarm with red flashing light
  • Easy reset for the operators should an alarm occur
  • Monitors ratio by volume on Graco Reactors, Graco/Gusmer H-20/35 and other plural-component pumps (call for further information)
  • Continuous monitoring with LED readout of both A & B components
  • Totals of both A & B per part or job
  • System is completely installed at the pump controls for operator convenience (not remote-mounted)
  • Runs on 110-volt circuit
  • Meters attached directly to the pump system, making the whole system more compact
  • Hands-on start-up and training by our trained AFS field experts available


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