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Reactor H25 H40 H50

Graco Reactor H-25, H-40 and H-50 Hydraulic Foam Proportioners

The Graco Reactor H-25, H-40, and H-50 hydraulic foam proportioners are designed for high-output foam applications and roofing projects and they apply up to 52 lb (23.6 kg) per minute.

From residential foam insulation projects to high-volume commercial roofing jobs, Graco’s line of Reactor Hydraulic Foam Proportioners provides the reliability and power to get the job done.

Reactor H-25 – Entry-level, yet powerful with a max output of 22 lb (10 kg) per min

Reactor H-40 – More output for high-volume applications with a max output: 45 lb (20 kg) per min

Reactor H-50 – Graco’s most powerful foam proportioner with a max output: 52 lb (23.6 kg) per min.

All Graco Reactor H-Series Electronic Foam Proportioners provide:

  • Digital heat and pressure controls – lets you program temperatures and pressures, and monitor machine performance
  • Horizontal positive displacement pumps – easy to service and provide smoother changeover for maintaining best spray pattern
  • Powerful hybrid heaters – heat material quickly and maintain temperature set points, even when spraying at maximum flow rates
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